The Washington Redskins have been a part of all our lives for generations; eighty one years of history, tradition and honor. When The Oneida Indian Tribe created the Change The Mascot campaign in mid 2013 we decided that we could no longer stand idly by and be silent to an obvious blatant political strong arming, and over reach of executive powers by elected political leaders.

First, some history:
The name "Redskin" actually originated within some specific tribes we now know as "Redskin Nation". These tribes honored their most elite warriors by painting their skin a red color by using blood root. This was a way of distinguishing them as being the BEST of the BEST, and the paint was worn with PRIDE! They referred to THEMSELVES as Redskins, or Redskin Warriors. It was an honor to be known as such. You can read more about How the Redskins Got Their Name by checking out the book of the same title HERE.

Save The Name, didn't begin with the intention of starting a non profit. We began as two fans looking to do something. We started by getting involved in many different groups created to help. As it is for people when it comes to our country and the political challenges we face we found the groups we joined were educational, but not proactive. So we decided to take action and put our thoughts and ideas together and began to put them in motion. After creating a fan page called Save The Washington Redskins and starting with just two likes we now stand at 40,000 plus followers. We are currently reaching over 203,000 a day, engaging nearly 87% of our fan base. We like to believe we're getting the truth out to a blinded society, giving a voice to the unheard and carrying the torch for the ones who have joined the fight with us.

Our mission is much broader than just saving a team logo or even just the Washington Redskins. We are looking for bipartisanship from across the nation to take this a step further - and it's a big step. Save The Name,  with the help of Native American tribes, companies, individuals and fans will work to save all individuals, businesses, schools or groups that bare the name “Redskins.” We are hoping to make strides to change the newly defined meaning of “Redskin” from usually offensive, disparaging, insulting and taboo according to American dictionaries.

We could understand the Oneida Indian Tribes view of it being offensive if it derived from a position to degrade a people but, clearly that is not so. Over time with passing generations and not well documented history things can be misconstrued. We feel this is a part of the very reason for most individuals not being aware of anything other than what their being told by the media. We plan to change that.

We are proud to be working hand in hand with several Native American run oganizations such as The Native American's Guardians Association, The Beating Drum Radio Show, NARN, and more. It's an important part of our mission that we work together to preserve the honorable Native imagery, what little remains. Help us to spread the truth behind the name, the logo, and what it represents. 

Join us in the movement and support us.


Timothy Moran  &  Brandon Eaton

Save The Name.

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