Exposing the Motivation Behind Activist Journalism & NFL Redskin Attacks. Pssst - It's Not What You Think!

By Andre' Billeaudeaux / Oct 3, 2015 

While most Americans focused on the tumultuous Papal U.S. visit and the introduction of a bombastic “clock” recently in Texas, a one-time D.C. sports radio host (cancelled due to poor ratings) as well as a prior once-suspended-for-a-false-story Washington Post writer Mike Wise was simultaneously vying for attention via ESPN in attacking the Redskins yet again in this charming little hit piece entitled: Daniel Snyder Can't See That the Future is Here.

Deconstructing the "Wise" Manifesto

So in a journalistic “Reverend Jeremiah Wright does a Full Monty” approach, Wise took an introspective soul-searching journey and discovered that America, and indeed the NFL and their Redskins are evil, racist and harmful.

The opening salvo of Wise’s Manifesto was seemingly designed as both a personal atonement and bromide to help ease the pain of D.C.’s unwashed masses he calls the “burgundy-and-gold legions” suffering from “hope-deprived skulls”.  This preliminary prose provides his pupils probing pontifications triggered by a powerful - yet pedestrian - event. 

“Working as a journalist in Washington for parts of the past two decades always created an internal dilemma: Was I really just chronicling a football team, or was I peripherally participating in the continued disparagement of America's indigenous people? Even when I hid behind "professional duty," I always knew the answer…  It actually took professionally stepping outside the Washington bubble for the first time in a decade to fully grasp we've now come to a place we haven't been before.”

Shout it from the mountain Mike… Praise Be!  So what now?  Well, based on his own life-altering revelations and the inevitable trends he cites, we can discern that Wise is at the lead of an activist vanguard.  The objective of the “Wise Plan” must be to ensure that his predicted Redskin loss - fiat accompli - actually occurs because otherwise he would look foolish. 

So step one, as any activist knows, must be to take action. 

In this endeavor, Wise has already put his money where his mouth is and no longer “reports” about the team he once made a living off of.  He’s now leading a “Wise” boycott claiming, “I didn't go to the opener. I didn't go Sunday, either.”  Well then, take that Dan Snyder!  Wise’s plucky two game fast comes at an important moment as the Redskins were recently ranked the number three most lucrative NFL team according to Forbes.  Unfortunately for Wise, his best efforts to impugn the team and owner seemingly backfired as receipts in 2014 actually jumped by $700 million - or 41 percent.  It seems Wise will have to also stay away from the remaining six home games if he hopes to make a dent. 

Step two of the Wise Plan has him hammering the league, fans and even the American public with undeniable virulent “facts” to enlighten the blind souls.  Indeed, Wise has been invested in this mission for a decade now spanning from his very first Washington Post hit piece Questionable Naming Rights to  ESPN.com’s “Name Change Inevitable”.

Notably, in his debut effort, he actually notes the very reasonable explanation for the Redskins name.  It derived – according to his media guide - not from the color of native’s skin but due to some native’s penchant for using red paint. 

Bloody Problems

However, he dismissed that explanation in favor of a version promoted by activist Suzan Harjo who claimed the term actually meant bloody scalps!  “Whoa – that’s much more exciting!”, the first-year Washington Post writer must have thought in writing about this Eureka moment:

“All those liberal crusaders in the District and suburban Washington, working and writing for their own passionate causes but pleading ignorance on this one.”

Thus, no longer amongst the ignorant, Wise began his sojourn to change the sporting world’s nomenclature. 

His first scalp-based “shock” interview Wise took up his cause with an unsuspecting Redskin lineman.  Wise didn’t bother him with his thoughts on the boring “red painted warrior” namesake reason, but instead jumped right to the “bloody scalps” version.  Brown, confronted with this very dark explaination, admitted to signing autographs using a shortened “’Skins” term and avoided using the word “Red”.  ‘Voilà!’ he must have thought. “Brown gets it!”  However, Wise’s evidentiary based approach soon took an abrupt and devastating turn for the worse. 

As it turns out, Harjo’s claims were debunked by fellow Washington Post writer Guy Gugliotta after the first Redskins hit-piece was published. In a moment of journalistic integrity, Gugliotta actually questioned Harjo about her incredible claim where she responded that she had not actually found any early instances of the term Redskin in the context of bloody scalps. Worse, The Smithsonian’s Ives Goddard called the Harjo assertion “unfounded”.  Even Amanda Blackhorse, the change movement’s current leader, faced a similar revelation when their movement’s expert linguist Jeff Nunberg said in a 2014 Atlantic article that Redskins, “…didn’t have anything to do with those stories about bounties for bloody Indian scalps.” 

Appropriation of a Movement

So, what does a crusader do when he’s in danger of becoming the Redskins-name Sisyphus?  Well, the Wise simply shifts to a more subtle approach and, by re-packaging single events, he’s “able” to demonstrate his anti-change cultural shift hypothesis.  However, as the self-proclaimed bearer of a new era of NFL consciousness, Wise needed to harness social unrest momentum from another movement such that “most rational-thinking people would see the relation.”  Voilà!:

“But this is no longer merely a civil rights/social justice issue affecting our most marginalized ethnicity. Many people now have made the obvious leap that this issue impacts people of color.”  Brought on by social unrest elsewhere, by so many issues breaking down along racial lines, a new era of consciousness has evolved -- one that helps people make an immediate leap to Washington's name as a symptom of the same problem.”

To support this elegant notion, Wise theorizes that Redskin and Snyder “slights” appearing in South Park and Late Night with Seth Meyers signal that lasting cultural shift.  Ok, fair enough – I’ll bite, but let’s go deeper. 

The upshot of Myer’s TV Mount Denali joke is that it was “easier to change the name of a mountain than a team” - cue the laugh track.  But, similarly, it could just as easily be representative of the difficulty Wise (et al) is having in convincing most people that their long-held positive view of the Redskin - short for red painted warriors - doesn’t need changing (Generally 70-to-90 percent surveyed positive on the Redskins despite Wise’s decade-long efforts to impugn).

And sure, those self-described subversive South Park characters mock Dan Snyder. But, if the South Park gang’s cartoon turd Mr. Hankey, had anything to say about this, he might say, “We can be relatively assured that the anti-name sentiment portrayed will most certainly fall on the ears of a demographic not typically concerned with reason nor research”. Within presenting this cartoon assault however, we can see that Wise is perhaps channeling Saul Alinsky where “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”. 

It's Not A Top Down Strategy - Really!

Further, Wise claims his movement is not a “top-down strategy”.  Well, perhaps the chain of interrelated events following the hiring of CBS Sports of former NFL referee Mike Carey in June 2014 tells a different story?  Consider that it was only a few weeks after Carey’s hiring that Phil Simms, in his 20th year of sports broadcasting, curiously stated that he’s suddenly considering not using the term Redskins anymore.  Two days later on Aug 20th Wise’s Washington Post article disclosing that Simms’ new CBS co-host Carey had actually found the Redskins name had been “disrespectful” during his NFL career but kept it a secret.  Only forty eight hours later the Washington Post announced that they too - like the new CBS anti-Redskins broadcast team - would themselves no longer use the word Redskins. 

Then the unthinkable happened - Simms, despite the Washington Post story suggesting he wouldn’t - used Redskins on the air!  And on cue, a follow up Washington Post article appearing on Sept 26th attempted to humiliate Simms for his on-air Redskin “slips”.  Scott Allen wrote about this unusual Washington Post assignment in covering Simms, “Listening for whether Simms would say ‘Redskins’ was a miserable way to watch a game.”

So if these related occurrences aren’t part a “top down strategy” then what is it?  And, one wonders, if the Washington Post (sans Wise) will also go after Carey with equal shame should he too slip? By the way, soon after the Simms scolding, Wise left the Post. 

Rodeo Facts vs. Rodeo Myth?

In one of his most full throated claims, Wise also goes after Snyder’s Original Americans Foundation claiming that (he knows) that the natives “know” that the Foundation is “a sham” where Snyder was asking them to “choose between: cultural identity or financial need.”  Wise knows this because the event organizers “rejected” the Foundation’s Indian National Rodeo Final’s funds, money they had previously taken. But Washington Post reporters John Cox and Michael Rosenwald filed their own story entitled “Why did Indian rodeo reject ‘Redskins’ name and Dan Snyder’s money?” where they suggest that some may have jumped the gun in their assessment of their decision: 

“The Oneida asserted that the decision was one based entirely on the group’s moral convictions and proclaimed it a major win for their cause, lauding the news on Twitter and in the news media”

The reporters said that the decision was “more complicated than activists first acknowledged, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Washington Post.” Indeed, the Post found that the Rodeo leadership had actually written an acceptance letter saying, “We are excited and honored to continue our journey with the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation” before a visit by a representative of New York’s Oneida Nation, the tribe whose gambling profits fund the majority of the name-change activities under their controversial leader Ray Halbritter. 

But despite these findings Wise writes that the rejection of the Original Americans Foundation funds was due to the name association that is “so radioactive to many Native Americans that people desperately in need of resources are running away from a billionaire's money.”  It seems the Indian National Rodeo Finals leadership – after being good with the Redskins name previously, simply had a “Simms” moment.  Let’s hope they too don't “slip”. 


When a Rally isn't a Rally - Except in the Media



The media’s campaign to assist the Halbritter-funded change movement has raised the ire of many including Native Americans who feel the movement does not represent them. Notable in the media coverage recently of the Chiefs vs. Cardinals NFL game was the use of a newspaper image suggesting the movement had popular support, directions and time to the “rally”, notes on free parking and the promotion of a free shuttle. As is pictured in the image above, about 10 “coalition” protesters actually took part in the effort despite the media’s best efforts. Dozens of high quality posters were placed online and around town and at the University of Arizona. Graphic courtesy of the Native American Guardians Association. Screen shot from: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/2015/08/14/Native-anti-mascot-group-rally-az-cardinals-game/31742037/

Lancaster - Not the "Grass Roots" Reference Wise Wanted

Then there are the kids to consider! Wise posits that his “organic” revelations have trickled down to High Schools. He elegantly makes his case here saying, “Similar to the civil rights movement, when Martin Luther King's strategy relied more on a grassroots movement and local action before any march on Washington, the power of using the name is eroding in small towns like Lancaster, New York…”  That MLK reference seems potent, so let’s take a look at the Lancaster, N.Y. reference.

In early 2015, the Lancaster School District’s President was approached by an ardent activist, convicted felon, and Native American radio host John Kane. Where he proposed a series of meetings where Kane’s visitors could regale the all-Caucasian Lancaster school board with tawdry tales suggesting in total that their Redskin Warrior logo was racist and harmful and that it must immediately be replaced.  To this end, we know that Kane was still wed to the very same canard that Wise had so eagerly promoted back in 2005 – that Redskins wrongly meant bloody scalps.  

“Of all the words that could be used to describe us, ‘Redskin’ is the worst,” said John Kane. “We have something to offer other than the color of our skin to hang on your doors,” he said.

During these heady meetings, select town members were allowed to attend but were warned that they could not address nor ask questions nor did the school board offer the community a chance to vote. 

Further complicating the facts and matters of the issue, the Buffalo News saturated the town’s bewildered readers with only one-sided stingingly negative editorials while simultaneously censoring any coverage which reflected positively on the name’s true source and value. Letters, Op-Eds and news releases featuring facts and data supportive of Redskin symbols from Native American authors like Aren’t We Sioux Enough’s Eunice Davidson (amongst others) were summarily rejected.  Then in Blitzkrieg-fashion the board retired the name despite the president’s promises to take a full school year to consider the decision.   

In response, the Redskin students demonstrated by the 100s by simply running away from their High and Middle Schools en-masse despite threatened punitive action. The parents galvanized behind the Native American Guardian Association’s mantra of “Education not Eradication” and generated overwhelming community support to keep the name despite Buffalo News’ censorship. Community protests and marches were held and, during the May elections, the angry citizens threw out every school board rep that had a hand in the name change operation despite the Obama Administration’s unusual effort in praising the now-jobless members before the election. 

This movement and election demonstrated that the people of Lancaster know that their Redskin Warrior logo never impugned a race of people. Rather, history tells them the honorific was a celebration the of that warrior’s bravery as in 1813, eighty three of the painted natives came to the aid of the locals during a surprise attack by British and Canadian forces. Even this month the students and parents of Lancaster find the need to continue their fight with the Buffalo News (a paper that notably joined the far-left-leaning publications of Mother Jones and Slate in 2013 in banning the use of the Redskins name) by demanding the “newspaper” begin to provide fair coverage of the Redskin logo issue via their own news release. How’s that for Grass Roots Mike? 

Despite the questionable negative campaigning against the Redskins by Obama, Halbritter and Wise, it’s Lancaster’s story in fighting back which should be considered the true example of where America’s Redskin mindset is. But beyond the national headlines, it’s actually the movement’s leader Amanda Blackhorse who provides the clearest rationale behind the change campaign.  Her overture on the issue appeared buried in a story appearing in Halbritter’s Indian Country Today entitled: The Washington Football Team Is About to Exhaust Itself. It’s there just beyond Blackhorse’s lauding of native children who are “…at the front lines of fighting racism and mascots in their middle and high schools” she goes on to explain “…decolonization that must occur”.

“What’s that?” I asked myself. Thinking I might be naïve in not knowing what Decolonization was, I surveyed 20 of the most Redskin supporters I knew. Of there, only one had a vague notion of the movement. My message to the nineteen - and to everyone else who cares - is to learn and understand the movement’s principles and objectives; they are crystal clear. According to the Decolonization site Unsettling America, the Redskins logo of Chief Two Guns White Calf and other public Native American honorifics, are off limits to “settlers” like Snyder. Followers of this movement are encouraged to “…proactively challenge and dismantle colonialist thought and behavior in the communities we identify ourselves to be part of.”  Their strategic goal is to fight for “… indigenous sovereignty and an end to settler domination of life, lands, and peoples in all territories of the so-called Americas.”

Now, looking at the name fight through the decolonization lens brings everything - the tactics, the media and the tortured logic - into focus.  Clearly the damage wreaked by the name-change movement - such as in Lancaster, NY - has scarred our collective E-Pluribus Unum-based national identity.  What was a reasonable and measured Native American-led movement to change or eradicate insensitive mascots since the 1960’s has been seemingly appropriated.  The timing of Halbritter’s Democrat Party funding spikes and White House visits demonstrate that the appropriation of the original Native American “mascot” movement occurred strategically the same time “Occupy Wall Street” was also stood up in 2011 with funds linked to George Soros.  Beyond similar timing, both “movements” seem to want to make themselves seem like “grass roots” movements supporting Democrat Party social themes all leading up to the Presidential elections of 2012 and now 2016.


In an example of a "Not Your Mascot" campaign which was working, the Marquette University’s mascot Willie Wampum was established in 1961 and retired in 1971 under the pressure of the original name-change movement. This mascot’s representation of Native Americans is a far cry from the NFL Redskins logo (Redskins don't have a Mascot) and the majority of others which are being attacked as never before after the original movement was appropriated by Ray Halbritter and other opportunists as a get out the vote movement similar to "Occupy Wall Street" leading into the 2012 elections.  Screen shot from: http://ricsize.com/?tag=mascots

Turning the Tide of Cultural Genocide

But, despite the well-funded work of the change campaign there’s evidence of everyday people of all races galvanizing and organizing themselves to check the movement’s culturally damaging overreach. This week the Tule River Tribal Council stood up in not supporting the California Legislative proposal to remove native icons in public schools.  However, the California Governor probably knows that there’s a silent majority who support keeping positive public native honorifics.

The “beware of attacking native images” signal was demonstrated in the unprecedented spike in public support for Virginia Senate candidate Ed Gillespie last year. Although outspent 2-to-1 and trailing by more than 20 points at times in the campaign, Gillespie went public in telling notoriously anti-Redskin Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate to back off the Redskins in a one-time Monday Night Football game announcement. By the end of the week, Gillespie had incredibly closed the less than point demonstrating that voters are passionate in protecting their history and traditions – ignoring this movement may put Governor Brown’s political aspirations in peril. 

A Seneca Proverb states that “He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone.”  In this spirit growing number of Native Americans and others say they have had enough. They are declaring that Wise, Blackhorse and Halbritter don’t speak for them. They are joining forces in rejecting and turning back the decolonization movement.  Here are a few examples the nascent support movement:

Save The Name was founded in 2014 and now is a 41,000 member strong 501c3 movement to support the Redskins and other Native American sports icons. It is the largest organization of its kind. They are currently building signatures to petition for a more historically accurate and realistic Redskin definition.  See: http://savetheredskins.publishpath.com/Default.aspx?shortcut=petition and www.facebook.com/iamaredskin

Oyesna / The Native American Guardians Association is a 501c3 which came into being in early 2015 as an organization centering on concerned Native Americans from around the nation.  Run by a Sioux and a Navajo, they serve as cultural consultants who seek to educate, and augment where necessary, to maintain positive Native American public themes. www.facebook.com/NAGuardians

Native American Redskins Fans and 505 Redskins Fan Club – Were both marketed and run by Native Americans (and there are others not mentioned here) The more than 3,000 Native and non-Native members showcase spirited discussions and imagery which center on the positive influence that Natives feel in having an NFL team to rally behind. See www.facebook.com/groups/NativeRedskinsFans/ & www.facebook.com/groups/505REDSKINSFANCLUB/

The Real Deal and The Beating Drum are two radio programs specifically designed to give a global voice to those Native Americans who have been silenced by an agenda-driven media like the Buffalo News. The Real Deal, part of Dave Pratts Star Worldwide Network, soared to the top of the network’s 150 channel line up where it has maintained its #1 position for several months. The next broadcast is Oct 7th.  Visit:  www.facebook.com/TheRealDealRadioShow

Positive Native American Sports Icon Books, “Aren’t we Sioux Enough?” and “How the Redskins Got Their Name,” explore Native American history and the issues and details surrounding the political and media maleficence behind the contemporary name-change movement.

The Nez Perce Nation’s Chief Joseph famously remarked that “An Indian respects a brave man, but he despises a coward”. It is this spirit that those fighting back – as noted above and elsewhere – carry on their day to day efforts under the banner of “Education not Eradication”. Those who fight demonstrate a belief that the value of our nation’s all-inclusive melting-pot motto found in E-Pluribus Unum is the righteous counter punch to the cultural balkanization forwarded in the divisive goals of the name changer’s Decolonization Movement.

In this culture of media misinformation and ad-hominem attacks, those who stand up to debate face extreme political, social and individual social pressure to conform to their negative “burn everything” vision. Yet these Wise-labeled “burgundy-and-gold legions” suffering from Wise-labeled “hope-deprived skulls” are willing to continue to back Snyder’s ‘give no ground’ stance. Well of course they are  Mike- what did you expect those who honor warrior ethos to do - just roll over?

This twitter message from the ESPN writer was sent to this author only hours after publishing part one of this story.  The main stream media pundits have demonstrated that they will vigorously defend a single side of the story, use ad-hominem attacks "You used to be something in life." and censor relevant news and information when that material doesn't support the desired outcome.  In Alinsky fashion, many will attempt to personalize the issue instead of debating the issues.


Andre is a retired veteran residing in Virginia.  During his 29 year career, he was at times a military journalist, television show host and magazine editor.  His published topics of interest include political communications, history, national identity and racism amongst others.  His current focus is on the history and traditions of Native Americans as well as the politics behind the name-change campaign.  He is the Senior Writer for Save the Name. Some of his published print and broadcast work can be seen here www.RedskinsName.com.


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1. Lancaster wrote:
We here in Lancaster, NY, the home of the mighty Redskins, are forever grateful for your support, guidance and education regarding our beloved Redskin tradition. The people of my community are caring, generous people who value tradition. As you know, we are not racist, selfish or closed minded, but rather proud and determined to keep what we honor and value. Thank you for standing by us as we continue to educate our community and stand up for what we believe in. You make us stronger and we appreciate you beyond words!!!!

October 3, 2015 @ 7:33 AM

2. Steve Falkenstein wrote:
The power of your pen is awesome as it strips the changers and exposes who and what they really are! Hail!

October 3, 2015 @ 10:15 AM

3. Brandon wrote:
What a great article! So much exposed here about the dishonest media agenda. Save The Name!

October 3, 2015 @ 6:01 PM

4. Michael Ray Vines wrote:
Yes, I have been around and around with this people on Youtube and mostly Tweeter..Yes there news is one sided..If you were to listen to them you would think all Natives hate there images and mascot names! Not true.there are many Native Americans full -blooded and half including myself that love this name and teams...I feel changing the name is wrong because it means honor and respect..Farther more if changed it would signal the possible end to all Native teams and mascots..Native Americans are almost invisible already and this would further this problem..Natives that are for this I believe really don't know what they are doing..Me and many others will fight to keep the name that is pride and honor..

October 3, 2015 @ 10:34 PM

5. Arlene Cammarata wrote:
Excellent article Andre! HTTR!!

October 4, 2015 @ 12:04 PM

6. Theresa Satterfield wrote:
Kudos to you, Andre for again another eye-opening article that honestly and blatantly describes what is being allowed to happen in this country. The more we expose the changers, more Americans become educated and will, hopefully, not continue to allow this to happen! We stand with you in Wilmington Delaware!

October 4, 2015 @ 2:13 PM

7. Jeff Nardo wrote:
I'd like to know how many people, not just Native Americans, have ever heard the word Redskin used as a so called "slur". I'll bet none. I've only ever heard it used in a positive manner in reference to the team. Why all of a sudden is a questionable if ever remotely valid negative reference being forced on a public that has never drawn a negative connotation to it? And why are sportscasters like Bob Ley, Bob Costas and Phil Simms all of a sudden taking a stand on this non-issue? It's a failed effort at bravery when in reality it's a show of hypocrisy and cowardice, taking a stand behind a shield of public opinion that is misconceived. The fact is that no one can in reality claim something is a racist slur when no one experienced it being used in that context.

October 6, 2015 @ 10:29 PM

8. Nancy Glynn wrote:
Here in Wilmington DE, the name Redskins at our beloved Conrad stands for Love and Honor. With 80 + years our school has Proudly Honored our Native American brothers and sisters. Our school was built on the very grounds our Native Americans lived, hunted,roamed and shared their Wisdom with the English settlers . We have history behind our Proud name and we want to continue with our Proud Traditions that show Love and Honor. We have a beautiful logo to go with our name. WE DO NOT HAVE A MASCOT!

A HUGE THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE STOOD BEHIND US IN THIS FIGHT TO KEEP OUR BELOVED REDSKINS NAME. We are Proud,We are Wise,We are Strong. We Love and Honor. We are the Conrad Redskins from Wilmington DE.

April 8, 2016 @ 9:51 PM

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