Take The Lead today! 

We encourage you to urge the Washington Redskins NFL Franchise to stand their ground!

Here are a few ways you can show your support!

Contact the NFL league office and Commissioner Roger Goodell and ask for the Washington Redskins franchise to maintain there franchise name and that it wasn't intended to degrade a people but HONOR.

  1. Show your support by signing your name to our database and encourage others to do the same. (Go to Missions Tab)
  2. Purchase a "Save The Name Tee", and wear it to all house party's, events and NFL games. 
  3. Call the NFL league office at 212-450-2000.
  4. Send a TWEET to Commissioner Goodell on Twitter @nflcommish using the hashtag, #SaveTheName and #RedskinsUnity.
  5. Donate to Save The Name. It's your generosity and support that makes all that we do possible. Never think a donation is to small. Change happens one dollar at a time. Click here to DONATE!

Spread the Word:

  • Print out a “Save The Name” flyer and bring to all NFL games, proudly display at your home or workplace, and share with friends.
  • Contact your local newspapers, radio and TV stations in support of the Washington Redskins!